Your Dog's Poop in Your Neighbor's Garbage Can

Thursday, March 03, 2011 7:57 AM | Deleted user


From Pimmit Hills Resident Di:


I recently discovered 5 bags of dog poop in my garbage can which I just had replaced for a broken one from the collection company. I was wondering why the can was smelling so bad since it was just new - and surprise! I don't have dogs, so it's obviously not mine. Since I had been gone for 2 weeks the cans had just been sitting at the carport empty - besides the dog poop bags.


I asked my next door neighbor if they might have seen anything and they told me that it had happened to them before as well. According to them "people use the cans as public trash cans and dumb their dog's poop bags in there if they are not pulled up from the curb fast enough."

First of all, none of the trash cans in our community are public. It is obvious that they all belong to a home and that they are private property. Then some people have to work long and irregular hours so they can't always take in their cans right after collection.


I didn't appreciate that my trash can now stinks from someone's dog poop but put it out for collection today and when I came back from work late at night I have to still find 2 bags sticking in there. I don't see why I now have to peel someone's poop out of my trash. It is disgusting and extremely disrespectful. It makes me really uncomfortable because I am now wondering who is dumping their dog poop in my trash that now sticks in there.

I don't know if people are just rude or if they feel like they can just do that to a woman living alone being at work all day, since she doesn't have time to watch them and tell them to stop using her cans.

I feel really powerless to be left with this mess and would appreciate some neighborhood support, especially since my neighbors encountered the same thing.

Your neighbor,



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