1952: Do you desire curbs/gutters and street lights?

Thursday, March 01, 2012 5:25 PM | Deleted user

June 1952 was the first time the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association sent out a newsletter to residents.

In May 1952, a survey was taken among residents asking if they "desired" curbs and gutters for the streets of Pimmit Hills. 71% said yes, 7% said no; the rest were various other opinions.

A "lively and extended" discussion on this subject was held after the report on these numbers were made at the PHCA meeting. Part of the discussion was about the poor drainage conditions in Pimmit Hills and a letter about this was to be sent from PHCA to the US House of Representatives which had a committee investigating "shoddy construction of homes constructed under Veteran's Administration Certificate."

The survey also asked if residents "desired" street lights in Pimmit Hills. 65% said yes, 16% said no.

The newsletter reported on Fairfax County real estate taxes, which is timely since we in Pimmit Hills in 2012 have just received our yearly tax assessments. How does yours compare with this:

"The average taxes paid on a property in Pimmit Hills for the year 1951 was between $90 and $95."

Too bad the little yellow plastic guys near the curbs that wave Slow Down weren't around in 1951, but back then they had the same problem we do 61 years later:

"Several signs cautioning against speeding due to children playing have been erected."



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