What's the Matter With Kids Today?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 12:04 PM | Deleted user

Guess the year:

"There has probably never been a period in our history when our youth was subjected to such severe criticism as it is today. Some of this criticism is undoubtly warranted, but much of it is not. Unfortunately, our news media find this a subject with 'sales appeal' and it is not uncommon to find many of the incidents they report exaggerated beyond all proportion.

As adults, we find it very easy to blame our youth for many of the conditions which exist today. Yet the truth of the matter is that we ourselves are responsible for the lack of planning which permitted communities to mushroom without providing adequate recreational facilities for our youth, or ourselves.

It was recognition of these facts that prompted a small group of residents in this community to organize the Pimmit Hills Teen Club four years ago. The effort which these people have put forth has not gone unrewarded. During these years we have watched our young people acquire a sense of good citizenship and belonging. The Teen Club has been an outlet for the many favorable qualities that can be recognized in our youth if we only look for them....................

Every generation seems to complain about young people. In this case, the year was 1960 and the 'youth' were the Baby Boomers.

From a Letter to the Editor in the February 1960 Pimmit Hills Dispatch.



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