1960: Communist Brain-Washing Techniques

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 11:30 AM | Deleted user

PHCA meetings often have speakers that talk about our homes, gardens, renovation, redevelopment, traffic/road issues, etc or local police, County officials or politicians.

But back at the height of the Cold War, some of the PHCA meetings had speakers dealing with civil defense (what we would now call Homeland Security).

At the April 5, 1960 PHCA meeting, attendees heard a tape recorded speech by a Major William Mayer, a psychiatrist in the Amry Medical Corps. The speech was entitled "Brainwashing--The Ultimate Weapon." The April 1950 Pimmit Hills Dispatch said, "The speech concerned mainly the conclusions drawn from talks and interviews with the returning prisoners-of-war from Korea."

The article went on to describe the findings about the Communist program to brainwash and control their prisoners.

Pretty heavy stuff for a community meeting!

The article was entitled "ARE YOU AN AVERAGE AMERICAN? (By Communistic Standards)." This referenced Communist literature that claimed the average American is:

"1) Materialistic and an opportunist--he'll make a deal; you can buy him.
2) Ignorant--he knows very little about his government and even less about other governments.
3) Not loyal--he has no values."



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