Ten years and already people are giving up?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 11:03 AM | Deleted user

It's 1960. Pimmit Hills is just 10 years old. But still, the perennial issue of residents not bothering to get involved in the organization that represents the community and works to enhance it is talked about in the October 1960 issue of the Pimmit Hills Dispatch.

In big handwritten letters, "WANTED NOW" is the headline:

Wanted Now: at least one adult member from each of the 1500 homes located in the community of Pimmit Hills. How about your membership? Don't wait, act today.

An unusual long poem-like article entitled "Our Orphaned Community" is also on the front page.

And then there is this article:


Are you guilty? Have you ever said? I would like to be active in community affairs, but..... I'll be more active in the future (but you never are).....


  1. Development and utilization of OUR 18 acre County Community Park.
  2. Youth and adult recreation program.
  3. Community Public Utilities and cost.
  4. Streets, sidewalks and gutters.
  5. Civil Defense plans and training.
  6. Group planning for home improvements to increase property value.
  7. Snow clearing and off street parking during inclement weather.
  8. Pest and beetle control with aid of US Agriculture Department.
  9. Rezoning of properties that might HELP or HURT our community.
  10. Shrubery and entrance signs to show our pride in our community.

Note: Some people think we have no effectiveness. How can 15 or 20 ACTIVE members ever be able to provide the finance, leg work, administrative work and judgement to begin caring for such matters when the remaining 2,960 ADULTS do nothing, except for the 200 or so that joined after a door to door campaign last fall.

Decision: Frankly, such a small group cannot represent a community when the community will not discuss and state its desires in matters that it is either in favor of, or against. The Association is represented at every County Federation meeting, and at many meetings of the Supervisors and School Board. However, many issues of importance have arisen when this representation had to abstain from casting this community vote because NO KNOWLEDGE COULD BE OBTAINED AS TO HOW YOU AS A RESIDENT WANTED TO BE REPRESENTED.


This theme and frustration by PHCA seems to run through issues in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and today. Why don't people get involved in the betterment of their community by joining an organization that is dedicated to that goal? 52 years later, this question still goes unanswered.



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