1973: Bizarre trail proposed through Pimmit Hills

Saturday, February 25, 2012 11:25 AM | Deleted user

Back in 1973, there was a bizarre plan by Fairfax County called the “Dranesville Trails Plan” that apparently was going to install a hiking and biking asphalt trail through Pimmit Hills. Picture this: the proposed trail would cross Magarity Road at Anderson Road, and down Anderson Road to Lisle Avenue, then West on Lisle Avenue to Route 7. Very odd and begs another question: why? 

The November 1973 Dispatch wasn’t in favor of this:


How would you like your front lawn gouged by an eight-foot wide strip of asphalt? How would you like your trees and fence removed to provide a thruway for “hikers” and “cyclists”? It’ll never happen, you say? Don’t look now, but such a plan is being seriously considered for Pimmit Hills. It is apparent that residents of Anderson Road and Lisle Avenue may soon be greatly affected by the “Dranesville Trails Plan.” This Plan has only recently surfaced, and it is imperative that we act swiftly to stop or alter this plan before it’s too late. Come to the Wednesday, November 7 [1973] meeting and air your feelings on this issue. Be there!!!

But it turns out Pimmit Hills residents weren’t really opposed to the idea:

Considerable concern and interest was expressed at the Nov 7th meeting regarding the proposed “Trails Plan.” The Pimmit Hills community voted to support the trails plans with an exception, which has been forwarded to the Chairman of the Dranesville Trails Task Force.

The whole idea faded away and there was no further information about this strange trail. Walkers and bicyclists can still follow the proposed trail route – on something called “sidewalks”.


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