1966: VDOT Says No to Traffic Lights at Route 7 and Pimmit Drive Intersection

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 11:27 AM | Deleted user

In the February 1966 issue of the Pimmit Hills Dispatch newsletter, it says that,

"The Resident Engineer for the Department of Highways has replied to our [PHCA] request for installation of a traffic light at Pimmit Drive and Route 7, and our requrest for a left turn provision for the traffic light at Lisle Avenue and Route 7. It will be necessary that traffic studies be made to determine whether the traffic pattern warrants the facilities which we have requested. The Department of Highways has assured us that they will institute such surveys in the near future."

Then in the September 1966, the PHCA received its answer: NO

"The Virginia Department of Highways has completed another survey of the intersection at Route 7 and Pimmit Drive. There is still inadequate traffic to warrant installation of a light."

Don't we wish there was "still inadequate traffic" on those roads!



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