1962: No Apartments on Magarity Road

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Sometimes issues that seem so important at the time take on a different meaning with the perspective of time. This blog, "Perspective" will excerpt articles and items from past Pimmit Hills Dispatch newsletters that show 'the more things change, the more they stay the same'. People were dealing with similiar issues back then that we deal with today. And sometimes a bigger, longer perspective on things helps.

This first entry comes from the January 1962 Pimmit Hills newsletter. The author, a Pimmit Hills resident, is very upset about a proposal to build apartments along Magarity Road, which he thinks will lead to "overcrowded schools, jammed roads, crowds at the proposed park and even more limited recreational facilities for all." He is very concerned about what will happen if the "population density is doubled." The same as our concerns today about the redevelopment of the McLean Commons apartments.

Back in 1962, I believe the Tysons area was mostly farm land, woods and a store at the corner of Routes 7 and 123 but was just starting to be developed with apartments and office buildings. An interesting thing is that he talks about a new (and he puts it in quotes) "Tyson's Corner Plan" the that Fairfax County Planning Commission is working on. Where have we heard that before?

Here is his article, from January 1962:


by John Shacochis


If you are looking for an answer to that question, then you must do something about it. It's going to take effort on the part of everyone in the area, if the pressure from the speculators is going to be reversed - not a lot of effort - just a 3 cent post card worth.


If each household in the area sends a post card to the Fairfax County Planning Commission between now and January 18, we feel sure that we can make our desires receive some consideration.


Of course, if you don't care, the alternatives are something you are not going to enjoy living with -- overcrowded schools, jammed roads, crowds at the proposed park, and even more limited recreational facilities for all.


A committee of Pimmit Hills Civic Association members have been attending Planning Commission meetings for the past two months.


We have watched development of the “Tyson's Corners Plan” which was printed in the No­vember issue of this Newsletter. This is the plan that will be aired publicly before the Commission on January 18th and 25th.


We have been assured that the committee will be heard. However, our voices will be stronger if each of you invests five minutes of your time and a 3 cent postcard and requests that the plan which is adopted prohibit any apartments on Magarity Road.


It is obvious that there is considerable pressure from developers to have the Commission approve apartment development in the area. We can't let that happen.


We don't have to remind you how difficult it is now to get out of Pimmit Hills via Lisle Avenue or Magarity Road every time we have a snow storm. Can you imagine what it will be like if the population density is doubled?

There are numerous zoning applications pending at the present time. They have been deferred until the Commission has had its public hearings on the "Tyson’s Corners Plan".


There are others pending that would upset a proposed plan for development along Route 7. Both of these plans have a vital bearing on whether or not Pimmit Hills continues to be the pleasant place to live in that it is now, or becomes a boxed-in slum area.


You can help prevent its deterioration. Get that post card into the mail today. Address it to: Chairman, Fairfax County Planning Commission, Fairfax County Court House, Fairfax, Va.




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