Washington Gas Pipeline Project

Update 10/13/18:

Washington Gas would like to change the pipeline path through Pimmit Hills from the Pimmit Hills Center to the existing regulator near Rt 7 / Pimmit via Peabody, Fisher, Cherri, Leonard, Cherri, Griffith and Pimmit.  They are also studying a route which would be west on Magarity and south on Rt 7.  Washington Gas held an information meeting with the community on October 3rd.  Please refer to Washington Gas' website on the project for general project information, FAQ's, and the presentation from October 3rd.


Past Information:

Here is summary information about the Washington Gas Pipeline Project (based on the presentation materials received from Washington Gas).

The PHCA Washington Gas Committee is still collecting feedback, questions, and concerns which will be submitted to Washington Gas before the project commences.  Please feel free to e-mail wg-pipeline@pimmithills.org.

What to expect before construction?

  1. Construction is permitted and approved by VDOT
  2. Final construction schedule determined
  3. Bring in equipment and material
  4. Send construction notifications
  5. Begin construction

What to expect during construction?

  1. Temporary traffic control
  2. Construction vehicles and equipment
  3. Pavement excavation
  4. Still plates
  5. Temporary restoration

What to expect after construction?

  1. Permanent restoration
  2. Construction vehicles and equipment removed
  3. Temporary traffic control removed


Below are computer generated images of visual impact by Above Ground Regulation Station at Pimmit Barn 


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