History of Tysons Development

Re-planning of Tysons started in 2005 when Board of Supervisors created 36- member Tysons Land Use Task Force representing residents, businesses, major employers, and community and civic organizations. The Chair of the task force was Clark Tyler, who was the president of Hallcrest Heights at the time. Other Dranesville representatives on the task force included Irv Auerbach (Lewinsville Coalition) Carrie Lake (member of the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association) and Dranesville Planning Commissioner, Jay Donahue.


The taskforce met at least twice per months for three and a half years and created the vision for Tysons: people focused 24/7 livable community center around four metro stations. There was significant outreach and over two thousand residents participated. You see a quick video highlighting this effort here. Many of the proposed public improvements in rezoning cases in Tysons are identified in the Plan, including transportation, schools, parks, playing fields, and public facilities. The Board of Supervisors adopted the Plan in 2010.


Following the adoption of the plan, the Board of Supervisors has undertaken three significant projects related to Tysons. The first was the Tysons Metrorail Station Access Management Study (TMSAMS) which was a community led effort to identify opportunities to connect nearby communities to Metro stations by making bus, pedestrian, and bicycle facility improvements. The 19-member advisory group included Carol Martz, the then president of PHCA. You can access a brief overview of the effort here. Some of the projects in the Pimmit Hills that were identified as part of TMSAMS include the pedestrian bridge over 495 for residents to access Tysons, Scotts Run trail improvements to provide access to McLean Station, and pedestrian access through the MITRE site.


In 2013, the Board of Supervisors made some changes to the plan that incorporated some studies that had been done since the adoption relating to design guidelines and for park design. They also looked at the development levels in the plan and sought community input on their desired changes. There were Several public meetings, including one sponsored by the MCA. At the request of Darren Ewing from Olney Park, the Tysons plan was modified to recognize the need to consider the residential nature of Magarity Road when designing the widening of the road (the road widening was part of the original 2010 plan).


The last item which is still ongoing is the Tysons Corner Neighborhood Traffic Impact Study, which is looking at ways to mitigate the impact of Tysons traffic on surrounding communities. Supervisor Foust requested for this when he voted for the Tysons Plan in 2010.  Staff are still refining their recommendations but you can read about it and some of the transpiration projects planned or underway here. Several past PHCA representatives and residents have participated via the McLean Citizens Association on this undertaking.


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