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Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:39 PM | Deleted user

Cost information for the January/February 2012 Pimmit Hills Dispatch:

Printer/Mailer is Direct Development, Inc.

The cost of printing the Jan/Feb 2012 Dispatch is $1,026.25 (6-page (8.5x11 folded down to 5.5x8.5), K/K no bleeds on 70# matte text; NCOA/CASS for Standard Rate; Inkjet address on mailing panel; Affix live stamp; tab accordingly; sort, tag, tray, drop at Dulles PO; Qty: 1,642 mailed, 2,000 printed).


The cost for postage of mailing 1,642 newsletters to Pimmit Hills homes is $389.51. We already paid $435.13 for postage and the offset was used to ship the extra copies of the newsletter to the Dispatch Editor. She will be placing these extra copies at the library and other public places.


The total cost is around $1,461 minus $720 in advertising from the January/February 2012 issue equals $741 that PHCA has to pay.


Deadline for the March/April 2012 Pimmit Hills Dispatch is Friday, February 10. This date is firm so we can get the newsletter out before the March 6 PCHA Meeting.


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