Countywide Bicycle Master Plan Summary

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Countywide Bicycle Master Plan Summary (12/12/11)

Created by Mark Kinnane, PHCA

Charlie Strunk
Bicycle Program Coordinator
Fairfax County Department of Transportation


Stated Goal:
“Fairfax County is developing a countywide bicycle plan. The plan will determine what steps should be taken to make improvements to the existing transportation system. It will also recommend how bicycle friendly design should be incorporated into future roadway and transit projects, and private developments. The plan creation will be divided into two phases with Phase I focusing on the Tysons Corner area.“ - http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot/bike/county_bike_master_plan.htm

The meeting held on December the 12th 2011 was more of presentation of local area maps rather than a town hall question and answer session. Large displays were presented which show proposed bicycle routes throughout Fairfax County. Representatives were on hand to discuss the routes and the floor was open for suggested changes or additions to currently planned routes.

Input at the December 12 meeting resulted in the addition of an “Access Improvement” point across Redd Rd. An “Access Improvement” point has also been included for crossing Route 7 near Marshall High School. (http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot/bike/tysonsbikeplan/pdf/tysonsphasing1_mapA.pdf)

According to the district maps Pimmit Hills is contained within the Annandale meeting zone (http://tooledesign.com/fairfax/downloads/Handout.pdf). The meeting on December 12 was for the Great Falls/McLean district. As a result I did not present our letter or petition at this meeting. I plan to present both at the Annandale meeting to be held Mid February 2012 (http://tooledesign.com/fairfax/downloads/Handout.pdf).

The addition of an improved access point across Redd Rd to the bicycle route plan suggests that a bridge or some other kind of improved crossing will be implemented should the bicycle route plan be approved in mid 2012.

Attend the Mid-February meeting for the Annandale area and present a letter from the PHCA requesting an improved access point at Redd Rd with input from the local community regarding the nature of the access point. Also present a copy of the petition from approximately 100 residents of Pimmit HIlls requesting an improved access point at Redd Rd.


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