PHCA Meeting Minutes - May 1, 2012

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PHCA Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2012

The meeting began shortly after 7:30 with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer's Report:
- was given by Cindy Kwitchoff, interim Treasurer.

Secretary's Report:
- Elizabeth Hall gave a brief recap of the March 2012 meeting.

Director's Report:
- Sarah Rock reminded attendees to enter the door prize giveaway.

VP's Report:
- Animesh Gupta had nothing to report.

President's Report:
- Matt Martz spoke with Supervisor Foust regarding the Cherri Drive Barns property today. They have been investigating measures to add legally binding riders or other form of agreement that the property would always be used as a home for disabled persons.

- PH resident Lesley Stone has been working with an organization 'National Barn Alliance' to see if the barn can be preserved. She has a petition online at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savepimmitbarn/

Environment Committee Report:
- Elizabeth Hall reported that the Earth Day Clean-up was a great success. Over 55 residents helped remove over 1000 lbs of trash from all 7 Pimmit Hills parks. Contact her to help with future events.

Old Business:
- Bylaws amendment for Article 1.2 to allow for rolling membership year was read, discussed and a vote was taken. The amendment was approved.

New Business:
- Marshall High School has requested our support for their Graduation Night. The issue was discussed and a motion was made to provide a donation of $50. The motion was approved.

- Board Nominations were announced. Written position descriptions were available.
  - Secretary: none
  - Treasurer: Mark Kinnane and Brad Sanders nominated themselves
  - VP: Animesh Gupta nominated himself
  - President: none
Nominations will remain open until 1 week before the June 5 meeting. Nominations may be submitted via the website.

Phil Goetkin of Wolf Trap spoke about landscaping and native plants.

- Community Yard Sale: May 5
- Community Dumpster Day: May 12
- Meeting & Board Elections: June 5

Door Prizes:
Ann Jones, Ted Hochstadt, Amanda Reynolds, Ellen Witherow, Gretchen Jacobs and Andres Carvallo all won door prizes.

The meeting adjourned by 9:00 PM.


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